Voters sent wrong ballot, problem addressed

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo (KKCO) -- Voters have been bombarded with information encouraging them to get out and vote.

But it's even more important to make sure you're getting the right ballot. If you live in the Fruitvale or Pear Park area, you should have a Referred Measure 5A, referring to the Central Grand Valley Sanitation District.

Other ballots will have Referred Measure 5B, referring to the Mosquito Control District. If you're supposed to have one or the other and you don't, there could be a problem.

"At that point we knew something was wrong," said Dr. Harold Larsen, a retired resident who has lived in the Grand Valley for over 25 years.

Larsen noticed something was wrong on his ballot.

"My wife had opened hers first, and she got through with the voting, and there was no 5A, Referred Measure 5A. That's the measure to dissolve the Central Grand Valley Sanitation District, which serves 27,000 people. We were doing with the vote-in ballots; we didn't know how that was going to play out," added Larsen.

Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Sheila Reiner tells us some of the street segments in Larsen's area were omitted from the election office's street file programming.

"During the redistricting project that happened in late December/early January, we did that in a hurry, and we focused on precincts and house districts being accurate," said Reiner.

Mistakes were made during that process.

"When we found a special district was going to join our ballot, then we programmed that into our system by hand," explained Reiner.

So far, Precincts 25 and 29 are affected.

"We're sending out property owner ballots that only have either the mosquito control district question, or only the sanitation district question on the ballot to those voters who have already cast a ballot, or have a mail-in ballot at home," said Reiner.

Officials have already corrected the issue for those who haven't voted yet.

"When they show up to the polling location, or get a mail-in ballot from here forward, it will be the correct ballot style; which means it will have the correct questions on it," said Reiner.

After contacting Reiner personally, Larsen is satisfied with the answer he received.

"Not only did she talk with me when I called her on the first time, but then she returned a call back, or came back with another call to me," said Larsen.

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