War vet turns 100 on New Year's Day

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. One Grand Valley woman is celebrating more than just the new year today, she's celebrating 100 years of life.

Surrounded by her family, Glennyth Holtz, rang in the new year while celebrating her 100th birthday.

"I really, really cannot believe it...I don't know what a 100-year-old is supposed to be doing, but whatever it is, it's fine by me," said Glennyth Holtz.

She's now content living in her Redlands home, but this World War II War Vet spent a lifetime traveling around the world. In fact, it's why Glennyth joined the Red Cross in the army where she was stationed overseas.

"We were there to keep up the morale of the troops. It's what we were sent over there for," said Holtz.

Her son, Peter Holtz, cherishes his mother's long life and taking trips down memory lane is one of his favorite things to do with her.

"It's nice to be able to sit down with her and go over family history kinds of things, like relatives and ancestors, things we wouldn't really have knowledge about," said Peter Holtz.

After all these years, one thing that hasn't changed about Glennyth is her sharp wit and humor.

"She's got her opinions and her thoughts on things and she doesn't have any hesitation to express them and tell you what those are," said Peter Holtz.

Finally, what is Glennyth's secret to living a long life?

"What I'd like to say is that it was two martini's, two Manhattan's a day...I've cut it down to one Manhattan a day or one martini," said Glennyth Holtz.

In the 2010 Census there were over 53,000 Centenarians, which was nearly a 6% increase from 2000. And according to the Census Bureau, females make up 82.8% of this population.

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