Warm weather brings insects to Grand Junction

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Grand Junction, Colo (KKCO) --- April brought a lot of moisture to Mesa County and now that the temperature has been heating up this month, it is leading to a perfect environment for insects to swarm to.

Jerry’s Pest Control warns gardeners to be cautious when they spot grasshoppers and butterflies in their yards, as they can attack plants and flowers.

Mosquitoes are also making their way over and although they are usually just a harmless nuisance, the Culex Mosquito is known to carry the West Nile Virus, so residents should be wary when encountering one.

Bob Hammon, Entomologist at the Colorado State University Extension, suggested that the best way to know the difference between these insects is to educate yourself.

Any questions about insect infestations can be relayed to the Extension office and a proper plan can be formed on what to do next.

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