Watch local baker compete on Cupcake Wars

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- A local baker took her cupcake craze all the way to Hollywood. The Food Network picked Pattie's Tiny Cakes to participate in an episode of the Cupcake Wars.

The Cupcake Wars is a reality show for cupcake bakers. They have three rounds where the cupcake connoisseurs compete against each other to try and win 10,000 dollars.

Pattie Dravis is a retired flight attendant who's always had a passion for baking, but it wasn't until she went to a friend's birthday party that she decided to do something about it.

“They had the cupcakes from the store and they were terrible. They were just two inches thick of frosting and you had to scrape it off and the cupcake was really dry. And ya know, I go, I can do better. And so I set out and came up with something a lot better," said Pattie Dravis, owner of Pattie’s Tiny Cakes.

Pattie did just that, she started a cupcake business here in the valley and then took her idea all the way to Los Angeles. She put her baking skills to the test, by competing on the reality show The Cupcake Wars.

“They picked me out of a bunch of other people and they said not everyone gets on Cupcake Wars so I was privileged to be there," said Dravis.

Her tiny cakes are taking off in The Grand Valley too. She had to hire an assistant to take on all the big orders. Today's tall order consisted of 700 cupcakes.

“You can see, it inspires one's creative juices to be the apprentice to this budding business and I just enjoy following instructions and tasting the final product," said Marg Eggers, an assistant at Pattie’s Tiny Cakes.

There are a lot of bakers in town, so what sets apart Pattie's Tiny Cakes from the rest?

“They're different than everybody else's. They're a whip cream frosting and I made the recipe myself and as far as I can tell nobody else has that recipe- even online. So it's my secret, I guess," said Dravis.

Pattie appreciated her experience on The Food Network show, but is happy to be back in the valley baking away.

“I’m not really a TV person, I'm a baker, so that was weird. I’m like what do I have to do? There's lots of takes, lots of TV stuff that I wasn't used to. I'm used to baking my cupcakes so that was way different for me," said Dravis.

Pattie Dravis secretly taped part of her episode here in the valley this past November. She said it was a year long process to get on the show. Even though the name of her business is Pattie's "Tiny Cakes" she does make cupcakes in all sizes and says the cupcake craze is starting to hit the valley.

If you want to catch Pattie on the Cupcake Wars, it airs this Sunday on the Food Network.

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