Water companies remind people to conserve no matter drought status

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The Grand Valley may be getting greener and the Colorado River may be full, but water companies are still asking people to conserve water.

A cool spring with late snowfall helped increase local water levels.

"Ideally we really want a spring like we've experienced this year where it's stayed cool later into the spring and we've had some really late snow storms that's boosted our snowpack levels," said Joe Burtard, of the Ute Water Conservancy District.

However, the extra snowpack and river flow level are only helping water companies refill low reservoirs from previous droughts.

"We're basically on recovery mode with the water we do have," Burtard said.

You can save water by aiming the sprinklers away from streets and sidewalks, only watering before 10 a.m. and shutting your sprinklers off when it's going to rain.

Even the Golf Club at Redlands Mesa doesn't water its course more often than necessary.

"It's the desert so it shouldn't always be perfectly green. My yard isn't perfectly green." said Andy Nikkari, golf course superintendent. "You shouldn't water your yard every day and we don't water everything every day here either. It's on an as-needed basis."

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