Website connects people to share marijuana

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. was born last fall when Jason Segal noticed a void in communities where recreational marijuana sales have been banned.

"There’s a lot of communities that have decided that they don’t want to have medical or recreational shops and we think that’s their decision, that’s great," Segal said. "But our website gives those in a community that may be wanting to dabble in that an opportunity to share."

The website makes use of Amendment 64's clause that allows the gifting of up to an ounce of marijuana between people ages 21 and older.

"We kind of read that as what we call our bud swap," Segal said. "I have some. You have some. We're both adults. We both have under our legal amount and we're just simply exchanging it."

People can post on if they need marijuana, if they want it, if they have questions about growing, etc. then they can meet up to trade.

Marijuana can be traded for other marijuana, but it cannot be exchanged for anything of value.

"It really just provides for the people in Grand Junction some sort of way to have access to each other if they're interested in something similar," said Isaac Foust, who works with Segal. "Much in the way that Craiglist does."

The website's creators will monitor every post on the site to make sure users are abiding by the law, but they cannot guarantee anything that happens after people connect on the site.

They said it is up to those using it to make sure they are trading with people who are above the age of 21.

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