Weld County sheriff refuses to enforce some gun laws

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GREELEY, Colo. (AP) -- Weld County Sheriff John Cooke says he won't enforce two gun-control measures waiting to be signed into law by Gov. John Hickenlooper.

Cooke tells The Greeley Tribune (http://bit.ly/141Ee2z) that Democratic lawmakers are scrambling after recent mass shootings in the country, and the bills are "feel-good, knee-jerk reactions that are unenforceable."

One bill expands background checks on firearm purchases, and the other limits ammunition magazines to 15 rounds.

Cooke says the bill requiring a $10 background check to legally transfer a gun wouldn't keep firearms out of the hands of those who use them for violence. And the other bill will technically ban all magazines because of a provision that outlaws any magazine that can be altered. He says all magazines can be altered to a higher capacity.

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