Western Colo. town requires firearms

NUCLA, Colo. (KKCO) – A small Western Colorado town has enacted an ordinance requiring all households to have and maintain a firearm.

The Nucla Town Board voted Wednesday night 5-1 to put the “Head of Household to Maintain Firearms” ordinance into effect.

The ordinance requires all heads of household to have and maintain a firearm, and ammunition for the weapon. Mayor Pro Tem, Richard Craig, came up with the idea. He says the ordinance is to provide safety and security to town residents. “We live in the middle of nowhere,” says Craig “There’s some of the best deer and elk hunting in the country around here, most people are armed here anyway.”

The ordinance does have exceptions, anyone who has a physical or mental disability that would prevent them from properly using a fire arm is exempt, as is anyone who is consciously opposed to the rule as a result of any belief or religion, or any person convicted of a felony. Craig says there’s no fine for someone who fails to comply with the ordinance, but he want’s criminals to think twice before coming into town.

Craig says the board researched other cities (two in Georgia) that have enacted similar rules. He says the crime rates in those towns decreased significantly.

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