Western Colorado embraces active tourism

Grand Valley agriculture and festivals bring active tourism.
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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. This year active tourism is being embraced across the entire state and the Grand Valley is getting on the map as business owners believe they're becoming a destination spot in Colorado.

This weekend Palisade celebrated its sixth annual Honey Bee Festival. Business owners organized the event to honor the town’s agricultural roots and bring awareness to the threatened honey bee population.

The festival's turnout was very successful and has many residents excited about the future of the town.

"I'm sure we probably had double what we had last year, which we thought was a very good year, so I am very optimistic about people discovering palisade," Wine Country Inn owner Jean Tally said.

The Honey Bee Festival is one of many events that drew a bigger crowd this year. Wineries and orchards are also beginning to notice more people coming in from all over the state and country to partake in farming festivities like Wine Fest.

"We actually had record attendance this last year,” Grande River Vineyard Employee Nicholas Powell said. “It's a big event and a lot of fun to work for sure.

The start of festival season has restaurants and hotels seeing their business pick up as well.

"It helps us a great deal,” Tally said. “It also helps our B&B's in town because some people want a more intimate setting than a hotel."

The Palisade Art Lovers Society got on board by hosting an art show this weekend. In one exhibit they invited artists from around the valley to depict some of the area's strongest aspects. Next month there will also be a studio tour in Palisade for art lovers to walk around and observe artists at work.

"Many people like to come and enjoy the scenery and the industry that goes on here and very often they like to take away a piece of art that reminds them of their visit," Palisade Art Society Member David Cook said.

Some other events coming up in the near future that people can look forward to are the Fruita Fat Tire Festival, MOG Fest and The Mike the Headless Chicken Festival. Grande River Vineyards also encourages people to grab a Palisade Fruit and Wine Byway map to help them get from place to place.

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