What could new gun bills mean for gun owners?

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The Colorado House of Representatives passes four bills today that could increase gun control. The bills will ban concealed weapons on college campuses and ban access to high capacity gun magazines.

Owner of Jerry's Outdoor Sports, Jerry Stehman said the criminals are cowards and will go to where guns aren't allowed to commit a crime.

"You can pass all the laws in the world it doesn't effect these people because they wouldn't ever come into my store and pass a background check anyway," said Stehman.

The other two bills would require buyers to pay for their background check and require personal sellers to run all sales through a licensed dealer.

Representative Jared Wright said if you have a magazine that holds more than 15 rounds you will be grandfathered in by this law, but said enforcement will be another issue."

"The reality of it is if you are stopped on a traffic stop and an officer sees that you have a 30 round magazine there is no way to tell other than your word if you just bought that magazine or if you've had it for 10 years," said Wright.

Both the concealed carry ban on college campuses and 15 round limit bills passed 34 to 31 in the house.

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