What you need to know about gardening

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- Temperatures are warming up and residents are gearing up for gardening. Days like today are perfect for encouraging people to get outside and tend to their yards.

Gardening is a popular activity in the warmer months and whether you have a green thumb or not…there are some important safety tips when it comes to growing a green garden.

"Yeah, pretty relaxed...it's just nice to be outside, communing with nature," said local Tyson Turrou.

But what happens when gardening goes wrong? There are things you should know to stay safe while gardening.

Dennis hill of Bookcliff Gardens says there are few things everyone can do to be a safe when caring for your garden- starting with pesticides.

"Know your enemy so to speak, get the knowledge and act appropriately," explained Hill.

Digging a hole for your plant is essential and it's good to know where the utilities are located in your neighborhood before you dig too deep.

"It's free and it will save so much money and so much grief and anger from your neighbors when you cut the phone line," said Hill.

The Hantavirus is another concern every gardener should be wary of. The virus is found in rodent droppings and people become infected if they come in contact with Hantavirus infected rodents or their droppings. The virus can be fatal. That's why Hill says controlling the mice in your shed or any enclosed area is key.

"Just clearing that air is really just the best defense that you can do," said Hill.

Gardening is a physical activity and it's important no to overdue it after coming out of the winter season when people tend to be less active.

"If you're all of a sudden using these muscles that aren't used to it- you can wake up with some aches and pains," explains Hill.

Hill also adds gardening can be enjoyable and not a chore when you take your time to do it. For residents like Turrou, gardening is a hobby and something he enjoys sharing with his wife.

"I try to get my wife to do it, I come from a gardening family, she doesn't, so I’m trying to get her into it," said Turrou.

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