When it rains, it pours in the Grand Valley

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Our forecast had rain on the board for Monday and the skies delivered a torrential downpour hit the Grand Valley and mother nature left flooded streets in her wake.

Water overtook several intersections across Grand Junction Monday afternoon causing problems for lower standing vehicles and school buses on the first day of class.

The heavy rains broke records yesterday.

As of 6:00 Monday evening the area near the airport in Grand Junction reported nearly 1.25 inches of daily rainfall that beat out the previous 1897 record of .68 of an inch.

Streets that experienced flooding and in some cases, closures, included Monument Road near Mariposa, Broadway near 18 Road, and various other intersections throughout the city.

Many were enjoying the warm weather until they were caught off guard by the storm.

"The internet went out where I was and so I had to get to a place with internet as quickly as possible and that's exactly when the rain started coming and the hail and just started coming down in buckets,” says John Strand, a Grand Junction resident.

With more rain on its way to the Grand Valley, the Grand Junction Police Department is cautioning anyone planning to hit the road during our summer showers.

Drivers are advised to lower their speed during heavy rainfall and be on the lookout for debris pushed into the street during the storm.

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