Where's our fruit?

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Palisade, Colo. (KKCO) --- With summer beginning to heat up, many Mesa County residents are beginning to worry that they may not get their hands on the beloved Palisade peaches they've come to expect, year-after-year.

But fear not, for Palisade has peaches!

"I want to put a positive vibe on Palisade, we're getting calls that people think we have no peaches, but we do," says Executive Director of the Palisade Chamber of Commerce, Juliann Adams. "We were hit by that April frost and we did lose some of the crop. Some orchards lost more than others, some didn't lose any at all!"

Some growers in Palisade were even able to get some early-season peaches onto store shelves. Owner of High Country Orchard, Theresa High, says that as soon as that peaches were ready to be sold, they flew out the doors.

"They go very quickly this time of year; there aren't very many people that grow the earlier peaches and the reason is because there is a risk of the freeze," said High.

And High has good news for everyone looking forward to the big, free-stone peaches... they may be available as early as this weekend.

"As far as all of our mid and late season peaches, it's looking to me like we're going to have a full crop," she says.

Despite a few rough spots this winter, Palisade officials encourage residents to head on over to Palisade and try the Peaches.

"We want to make sure that the message is out there that Palisade has peaches, come on down, the peaches are better than ever," says Adams.

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