Wife speaks about report of threats to hospital

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Eddie James Ellis was taken into custody at Community Hospital after it was reported that he threatened to shoot emergency room staff at St. Mary's Hospital, but his wife said that report was not true.

Carrie Ellis said her husband was upset after they had been waiting 45 minutes at St. Mary's for their son's head injury. She said he did raise his voice, but never threatened staff with a gun.

"He got flusterated with it and got loud with them and told them it was crazy and bullcrap that they weren't taking him back and he had a head injury," she said. "He said that he was going to report them to whatever he needed to report them to and he left."

She said her husband didn't have a holster on him when they were at St. Mary's, but he put it on without a gun in it after they decided to switch emergency rooms.

Police took Ellis into custody after they found two guns inside of his van.

Carrie Ellis said those guns are registered in her name.

Eddie James Ellis is being charged with harassment, obstructing emergency medical services and prohibited use of a fire arm in addition to possession of a fire arm by a previous offender.

He has four previous felony convictions, two of which prohibit him from possessing a fire arm no matter if it's registered under his name.

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