Wildfire season outlook

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Colorado saw 12 wildfires last year, including one that was the most destructive in state history. This year's season has already begun with the eruption of a fire this morning outside Fort Collins.

The weather outlook for spring and early summer looks great for those itching to hit the trails and campgrounds, but according to the long term projections from the National Weather Service (NWS) conditions in coming months could be the ideal recipe for out of control flames.

"Sufficient moisture threw the month of April we might have a lot of these finer fuels, grasses and weeds that are popping up, you know they could be in abundance so if they dry out in the May, June period then it wouldn't take much to ignite those dried out vegetation," said NWS meteorologist Jim Pringle.

Pringle said he projects above average rainfall in April, followed by extra warm temperatures and low precipitation in months to follow.

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