Will wet weather clear the air?

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Between the dense dirty air and frigid cold temperatures, many are finding it hard to get outdoors. Experts say the warmer temperatures and precipitation this weekend could bring some relief. But will it be enough to clear the air?

Before you crank up your car this weekend you may want to put a little extra planning into your trip around town. Air quality specialist Ed Brotsky said the heavy smog may let up a little this weekend but wants to remind residents it's still important to limit harmful emissions.

"Today we actually moved into the category that we consider unhealthy for all individuals for a one hour period of time," said Brotsky.

Brotsky said the precipitation expected this weekend could bring some relief.

"Well we are hoping the inversion will clear out a little bit, any little bit of moisture will help but I don't know if it will be enough to give us the good clean air we are looking for." said Brotsky.

When it comes to doing your part Brotsky said to try to limit your trips around town.

National weather center meteorologist Jeff Colton said we can expect another inversion to set up next week, but the dense dirty air wont last as long.

"The good news is we are moving into February now, so these inversions wont be quite as strong and not as long lasting," said Colton.

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