Winter means slow business for local wineries

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo (KKCO) - Winter months can be a rough time for some businesses.

Wineries really take a hit in sales this time of year.

To keep business decent, some wineries in the Valley try to make themselves stand out to keep visitors headed their way.

Carlson Vineyards offers a seasonal hot drink and keeps their hours the same year round to help with winter business.

"We're very consistent, people know we're here. If they get tired of skiing or get tired of doing things they know they can come see us," said Garrett Portra, with Carlson Vineyards.

Others utilize another whole aspect of their business.

"Just the idea that we have the Chateau operations is useful because it does create more traffic," said Bob Witham, Two Rivers Winery owner.

The over night rooms help with Two Rivers Winery winter business.

But the lack of customers doesn't mean these wineries are taking a vacation.

They use these slow months to catch up on stuff they don't have time to do during the busy summer months.

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