With storms coming, it's time to winterize your home

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Look out! The storm is coming, letting us know winter is on the way, and giving us a reminder to get our homes winterized... and fast!

A storm is rolling in this weekend, and with it, our first look at temperatures in the teens, our first possible snow and strong winds; all bad news for your home.

"A lot of things that you were thinking of last winter that you felt cold from, maybe now it's time to think about that again," Daniel Wickward, who works down at Sutherlands lumber and home improvement, said. "It's gotten really busy, a lot of people stocking up on their pellets and getting set up with a pellet stove and making sure things are already finished for what they got to do."

One of those things is protecting your swamp cooler.

"Good time to come down and get your cooler covered, get it covered up before it gets wet or icy or something," Wickward said.

Another is winterizing your sprinkler system.

"Temperatures get below freezing that tends to do things with water, turns it into a solid, and we freeze our sprinkling systems, those are timely it's costly to fix," Sean Serviss with Colorado Backflow said. "What we do is we go ahead and inject compressed air into the irrigation system, dramatically minimizing the damage that you could find in the spring."

If you couldn't get the experts down to your home in time, there is still some things you can do to protect your sprinklers.

"If you can drain it that would be great, secondly cover it up, if you have a backflow preventer, cover it up with blankets, anything to help insulate that assembly until somebody can come by when the weather gets a little nicer," Serviss said.

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