Woman says man videotaped her in dressing room

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- Grand Junction Police are investigating a "Peeping-Tom" incident that occurred at Mesa Mall Sunday afternoon.

Jen Swedhin, of Grand Junction, said she was in a fitting room at Rue 21 with her 5-year-old daughter when she saw a man stick his phone under the dressing room door.

"As I was pulling my tank top down I looked down and a phone came under, camera-side up, just quick in and out," Swedhin said. "The more I think about it, it had to be video because he didn't have to click a button or anything."

Swedhin said her daughter first noticed the man holding the phone under the door. Then Swedhin saw him herself. As soon as she opened the door, she said she only caught a glimpse of the man running out of the store.

Swedhin alerted store officials and filed a report with the Grand Junction Police Department.

Kate Porras, public information officer for GJPD, said someone videotaping or photographing in a dressing room could face charges of Unlawful Invasion of Privacy for Sexual Gratification. The charge is a misdemeanor but could become a class 6 felony if the suspect has been convicted for unlawful sexual behavior in the past, or if the victim is under age 15.

Swedhin said she hopes others will learn from her experience and be aware while they're changing in fitting rooms. She said she was surprised how quickly it happened.

"Besides going to the bathroom in public, a dressing room is the most vulnerable you can be," she said. "And it's easier to do it in a dressing room because you're not watching the door like you are in a bathroom. So it could happen to anyone."

Calls to Rue 21's corporate office were not returned.

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call the non-emergency police number, 970-242-6707.

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