Study: Women are doing better economically

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- More than 2.5 million women and girls comprise half of Colorado's population and females make up nearly half the workforce in the state. Making them an integral part of Colorado's economic status. Now a study focusing solely on women and girls is releasing new research.

Colorado is first in the nation for females on a state's legislature. According to new research revealed in the Status of Women and Girls in Colorado report. And we aren't too far behind the state's capitol. Right here in Mesa County. We see many women leaders stepping up to the plate.

It’s actually really interesting, as far as the board of commissioners; we've actually almost always had women on the board. At least in the last few years," said County Commissioner Rose Pugliese.

Women in Colorado are now much more likely to hold a bachelors degree or higher than they were 20 years ago. One in three women, 25 and older, have a degree. Locally, Mesa County Workforce Center officials say more women have a post-secondary education than men- according to their data base.

“Eighteen percent of our women vs. 12% of the men registered that have a post-secondary degree or certification. Actually if we are looking at that factor- more of our women have a higher education," said Suzie Miller of the Mesa County Workforce.

However, the men had a higher percentage of completing a high school diploma or GED, but the workforce center recognized the gap in education and took steps to address that.

“The Women's Foundation of Colorado awarded us a grant over the past couple of years and we've successfully used 15,000 dollars of grant funding to pay for GEDs for women," said Miller.

The Women's Foundation of Colorado conducted the study to raise awareness to issues and concerns among women. And to use the findings to ensure women have the support they need in the community. An example is the grant they provided the Mesa County Workforce.

Pugliese, is a wife, mother and local leader, who encourages other women in the valley to take on leadership roles and become involved in making our community a better place for our children.

“We want our daughter to be raised in a great community and it's really important that you get involved and make sure that this community has all the opportunities for her so that she can raise her family here," said Pugliese.

This was a 160 page study conducted by the Women's Foundation of Colorado. Additionally, this is the first major research project single 2000 from the WFCO and was able to look at women during the recession.

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