Women decide 2012 RV tour

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Around 100 women showed up to cast their vote early and show their support for President Obama this morning.

The "Women Decide 2012" RV tour started in Grand Junction this morning, and continued on to make 5 more stops around Colorado before the day was over.

The tour bus packed some heavy hitters including, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, Lisa Jackson of the Environmental Protection agency and Stephanie Schriock.

"Women are very important, and women understand the future, they think about the future, they think about things like education and health, and equal pay," said Jackson.

Sebelius said women need to vote now more than ever.

"If women want to control their own futures, control their own health choices and make sure their daughters have the same rights they have they need to vote for this president," said Sebelius.

The tour continued on, stopping in Glenwood Springs, Silverthorne, Evergreen and Lakewood.

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