Women move to the front lines

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Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announces that women can now serve on the front lines of the U.S. military. While many are excited about the change it didn't come without some reservation.

"I think it's a good think that the bill was passed because it's really empowering from a woman now because that's what American has been striving for," said CMU student Breezy Spruill.

Psychotherapist Chris Cline said it's no secret that women think and react differently to men, and that could have an effect on how women respond in traumatic situations.

"Fundamentally women and men are created differently, men can compartmentalize things, they can be focused on one thing, women can multi-task," said Cline.

Cline said that women are just as capable as men but psychological differences are something that women should recognize to make them stronger.

Officials at the department of defense said not every position will open up to women all at once, but Panetta hopes to integrate women as much as possible by January 2016.

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