Woodlands workshop

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Those at the Mesa Conservation District teamed up with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service to offer a woodlands workshop today.

The event was geared toward informing community members about maintaining their wooded areas, especially during the winter months.

Tree nursery experts said the management and conservation decisions made after a dry summer like the one we just had will have a lasting effect on the health of your landscape.

"We brought plants to show people that can grow wild here, but even these plants can use a little extra moisture during a season like we've had this year," said Tony Urschitz of Chelsea Nursery.

The event was held at the Western Colorado Botanical Gardens. There are two more events this month:

November 10: Small acreage Management Workshop: Managing During Drought

November 10: Mastering High Altitude Cooking

November 29: Pasture Management on Small Acreages

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