Working out at Stocker may come with a price tag

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) The community can use any of Grand Junction's city parks to work out in, that our tax dollars help fund, but if you're using the facilities as a part of your business, it doesn't come free.

Stacy Antonucci is a personal trainer who would often take a few clients to workout at Stocker Stadium until she was confronted by city officials to obtain a permit to be there.

"At that point, I called down to the city to find out what was going on and how this was all being implemented. After talking to two different people, I got two different stories," said Stacy Antonucci, Personal Trainer, Steppin' It Up.

Rob Schoeber, the Director of Grand Junction's Parks & Rec, sets the story straight. He says if individuals would like to perform business on city property, they need to contact Parks & Rec in order to work out a program to obtain a permit to be there.

"We realize that some businesses may have 30 different clients who want to come in that may have a large set up of equipment, while other ones have a very small type of business that they're maybe trying to offer a lesson or personal training and those kinds of things," said Schoeber.

And how would the city know if a personal trainer was training clients at the park?

"It typically comes up if someone calls us and says hey did you know that this business operating here or if we notice it ourselves." said Schoeber.

Schoeber says many cities around the country operate under this model and it is also a way to protect local businesses.

"Realizing that the taxpayers are paying to provide these facilities and that a private business is responsible for their own facility upkeep," said Schoeber.

For now, Antonucci, is training her clients elsewhere and just wishes the city handled her situation differently.

“I would like if somebody's going to come and kick me off, right on the spot, I would like to be able to call down [to Parks & Rec] and get a clear cut answer," said Antonucci.

If anyone has a request to rent time in any park in the City of Grand Junction, Parks and Rec says they would like people to come in to their office at Lincoln Park.

Parks and Rec could not offer any financial figures for what it would cost to rent an area or the entire park. They say prices could vary based on the time of year and trends that may be going on, such as a rise in golf lessons or a new sport.

For more information on Parks & Rec or Antonucci’s personal training business, Steppin’ It Up, click on the links attached to this webstory.

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