Feds: Small number of cattle killed by predators

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DENVER (AP) - A federal report says the number of cattle killed by carnivores and natural predators like coyotes or dogs accounts for a small percent of all livestock losses.

A report on cattle death losses released by the National Agricultural Statistics Service said nationwide, 5.5 percent of all cattle and calf losses came from predatory animals. The report says the losses cost farmers more than $98 million.

It also says 4.6 percent of the cattle and calf losses in Colorado came from predators in 2010. Most were killed by coyotes or bears.

According to the report, 9.5 percent of the cattle and calf losses in Wyoming were due to predators.

The report says non-lethal predator control measures like guard animals and fencing cost farmers and ranchers more than $188 million.

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