Grammy-nominated band got their start at local gig

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FRUITA, Colo. (KKCO) Two years ago they were on their way to a gig at Fruita's Hot Tomato Cafe. They nearly didn't make it because their van was breaking down.

Once they made it they put on a show no one could forget. Especially Hot Tomato co-owner Jen Zeuner.

"People were just going crazy at how good they were," said Zeuner.

The band that played at the Hot Tomato that late summer night in 2011 was the Lumineers, one of the country's most popular bands right now. They're so popular they're selling out 10,000
seat amphitheaters including Red Rocks.

Now that the Lumineers have rocketed to the big time, it's not likely they'll come back to the Hot Tomato. Not by their choice though, because the venue just isn't big enough.

"They're doing such an amazing job" said Zeuner, "and I think they're really staying true to their roots."

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