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Remaining demonstrators removed from main DAPL protest camp

President Trump takes on fake news, touts regulation rollbacks at CPAC speech

White House expects Justice crackdown on legalized marijuana

7 earth-size worlds found orbiting star; could hold life

Warning: New tactic to distract drivers

The benefits and dangers of engrossing in social media

Tips to identify 'fake news' stories

Every second counts when calling 911

GOP still trying to unite under 'Obamacare' replacement plan

GOP still trying to unite under 'Obamacare' replacement plan

Trump's ongoing battle with the media

Democrats look to link with Trump on infrastructure

Kentucky and South Carolina lawmakers roll out Obama care replacement plan

Couple talks about their struggles with PTSD

Congress blocks rule barring mentally impaired from guns

Flynn quits as National Security Adviser over talks with Russia

Video: Swift water rescue team saves 81-Year-Old from rushing waters

Crews rush to repair dam central to northern California life

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