Weekday Games Expand Big 12 Schedule

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - Big 12 schools are branching out this week to create a smorgasbord of four straight days of football.

Just don't count on Kansas coach Mark Mangino wanting to get in on the weekday action anytime soon.

The 19th-ranked Jayhawks fell six spots in the polls after losing 34-31 to South Florida on Friday. Mangino says he prefers playing on Saturdays because it's tradition, but it's also what his team is used to doing.

Kansas State kicks off the Big 12 schedule by hosting Louisville Wednesday night. Colorado hosts number 21 West Virginia on Thursday and Baylor visits connecticut on Friday night before a slate of six Saturday games.

Kansas State coach Ron Prince says it's important for the team and the programs to be seen nationally, but the coach in him thinks breaking the routine is not the norm.

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