Shanahan Says Broncos' Pass Defense Will Improve

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (AP) - Broncos coach Mike Shanahan says his defense is doing a good job against the run but has to get better against the pass.

Even though the Broncos are 3-0, they've given up nearly 1,000 yards of offense in the last two weeks. Nearly 800 of those yards came through the air.

The Broncos jumped out to a 21-3 lead against both the Chargers and the Saints, but both teams got back into the game with their passing attack.

Shanahan was looking on the bright side Monday, noting the Broncos held the Saints to 88 yards on the ground after limiting the Chargers to 80. He says he's not alarmed by the pass defense because the team is
playing hard and will get better.

Things should be easier for the Broncos this weekend, when they play the winless Chiefs in Kansas City.

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