3 CSU Players Penalized For Playing On Club Teams

FORT COLLINS, Colo. (AP) - Three Colorado State University women's basketball players will sit out several games after the NCAA penalized them for playing on overseas club teams that had professional players.

None are accused of earning money but they have to sit out the regular-season games to maintain their amateur status. First-year coach Kristen Holt says the penalties were expected.

Devran Tanacan, a 6'4" junior center from Turkey will miss the season opener Nov. 15 against Wichita State, while Chatilla Van Grinsven, a 6'2" freshman forward from the Netherlands, will sit out four games.

Natalie Van Den Adel, a 6'1" freshman guard from the Netherlands, will sit out 27 games and won't be eligible to compete until Feb. 28 at New Mexico, the Rams' second-to-last regular-season game.

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