Wildcats Open Challenge With Loss

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GRAND JUNCTION - Open shots that would not fall were the demise of the Fruita Monument Wildcats in the season opening game of the Warrior Challenge in a loss against the Bear Creek Bears 65-51 on Thursday afternoon.

The Wildcats had a lot of open looks from three point land but could not convert a majority of the shots throughout the game.

"You can run all the sets and things in the world, but if you don't make shots it is going to be difficult to win games," Wildcats head coach Dave Fox said after the game.

It is the second straight year that the Wildcats have lost to the Bears at the Warrior Challenge at Central High School. And although the season began with a loss, Fox says that he will really know what kind of team he has after tomorrow's game against Carbon County, Utah.

"My buddy Tom Burns told me once that you make the biggest improvement from the first game to the second game," Fox said. "So hopefully we'll do that this weekend."

Fruita Monument's game against Carbon County starts at 6:45 MST on Friday evening at Central High School.

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