Yankees Circle Around A-Rod

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NEW YORK (AP) - The New York Yankees hitched their fortunes to Alex Rodriguez with a $275 million, 10-year contract. Turns out, they were in for a huge disappointment as baseball's biggest star is at the center of the steroids scandal.

After Rodriguez admitted he used banned substances while playing for Texas from 2001-03, the Yankees say they are supporting their high-paid star.

"We urged Alex to be completely open, honest and forthcoming in addressing his use of performance-enhancing drugs. We take him at his word that he was," the team said in a statement Monday night. "Although we are disappointed in the mistake he spoke to (Monday), we realize that Alex - like all of us - is a human being not immune to fault."

Earlier in the day, Yankees captain Derek Jeter said he was "shocked" by a Sports Illustrated report last weekend that A-Rod had flunked a drug test.

Jorge Posada says "Alex is my teammate and Alex is going to be my friend forever" and says he'll support him any way he can.

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