All-Star Tejada Pleads Guilty To Lying To Congress

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WASHINGTON (AP) - Astros' All-Star Miguel Tejada pleaded guilty Wednesday to lying to congress about the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

The 34-year-old shortstop also acknowledges purchasing what he believed to be human growth hormone while playing with the Oakland Athletics. But he says he had second thoughts and threw it away without using it. Prosecutors say they have no evidence to contradict his claim.

Tejada was born in the Dominican Republic, and Federal Magistrate Judge Alan Kay warned him that his guilty plea could have some impact on his immigration status in the United States.

The misdemeanor charge of making misrepresentations to Congress can lead to as much as a year in jail. But federal guidelines call for a lighter sentence.

Kay will sentence Tejada March 26, which falls during spring training. The Astros are not scheduled to play an exhibition game that day.

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