Ex-Bronco Avoids Jail Time

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FORT COLLINS, Colo. (AP) - A judge says he's tired of seeing former Denver Broncos wide receiver Vance Johnson in his courtroom but can't put Johnson in jail, because he's caught up on his child support payments.

Johnson was arrested April 16 on a contempt citation after allegedly repeatedly failing to pay support for his 17-year-old son. On Wednesday, he appeared before Larimer County District Judge James Hiatt and apologized. Johnson said he's working at his parents' restaurant and struggling to make ends meet.

The judge responded, "we've been here a million times, and I'm sick of it."

But Hiatt noted that Johnson has caught up on his payments since arrest. And he says the citation only allowed him to put Johnson in jail if he still hadn't made the payments.

An attorney for the child's mother had asked that Johnson be jailed because he often falls behind on the required $800 monthly payments.

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