Avs Look To Future Through Draft

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MONTREAL, Canada - On Friday the Colorado Avalanche had the number three overall pick in the NHL draft. Many speculated that the Avs would try to trade the pick. But the new team management had a different plan.

The Avs kept the pick and took the last remaining of the top–three prospects in the draft, Matt Duchene. He's a 200–pound center known for his scoring ability and his speed on the ice.

On Saturday the Avalanche added six more players in rounds 2 through 7. They had two picks in the second round which they used on center Ryan O'reilly and defenseman Stefan Elliott. In the third round, another defenseman, Tyson Barrie. They did not have a pick in the fourth round. In the fifth and sixth rounds the Avs added back to back goalies with Kieran Millan and Brandon Maxwell. Then finished by taking defenseman Gus Young in the final round.

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