Broncos Have Troubles As They Prepare For Cutler

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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (AP) - It doesn't take Jay Cutler's return to Denver for the Broncos to find themselves in the middle of a circus.

Cutler and the Bears will visit Invesco Field on Sunday night in a preseason game like none other.

The game marks the home debuts of coach Josh McDaniels, the man who chased Cutler out of town just weeks into his new job, and Kyle Orton, the methodical quarterback who replaced the Pro Bowl passer.

The Broncos still find themselves dealing with a soured superstar who has trust issues with the team, a simmering feud with the coach and a trade request on the table.

While Cutler forced a trade to Chicago after his clash with McDaniels six months ago, fellow Pro Bowler Brandon Marshall hasn't been able to punch his own ticket out of town.

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