CHSAA: Anticipated classification and league changes for 2014-16 cycle

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) Each school year fall sports kicks off meaning a fresh start for all teams, but every two years the classifications and league match ups are reanalyzed to find out where teams should stand and even give others a chance to rebuild under a lower class.

The 2012-14 two-year chapter is about to close, meaning it's time for the Classification and League Organizing Committee to start organizing the next two-year cycle.

CHSAA teams have been submitting their anticipated changes in enrollment number to give the committee an idea of what's to come.

CLOC will meet November 12th (after the final figures are submitted in October) to put all schools in their respective leagues and classifications.

Out of the Western Slope submissions, one of the biggest changes that could be on the horizon takes place in Palisade - with the football team anticipating a move from 3A to 4A and in turn a move from the WSL to the SWL.

"When you step up from 3A to 4A, a lot of people will tell you in the football circles that that is a big jump," said Mike Krueger, Palisade athletic director and CHSAA Football Committee chairman. "4A to 5A is also a big jump, so it's definitely going to be the kind of thing where we have to take a different look at it."

All Palisade sports currently play in the 4A Western Slope League, but because football has its own committee, they fall under different enrollment number qualifications. This season, they're right on the edge and a move up is extremely likely.

As for a couple other changes, Cedaredge plans on moving all athletics from 3A to 2A, while Grand Valley expects to move football from 2A to 1A.

Because a few schools still haven't responded, more changes could be in store. For a full list of anticipated changes throughout Colorado, click on the link below.

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