Causey shines, Rockies roll Voyagers 11-9

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Hamlet Marte and Nate Causey each homered and drove in three runs as the Rockies took game three from the Voyagers 11-9.

Runs were scored in seven of nine innings, and the teams combined for a total of 32 hits in a shootout.

Grand Junction led 5-2 through three innings, but Great Falls had a four-run fifth, but the Rockies grabbed a one-run lead after seven.

After the Voyagers knocked in another run in the top of the eighth, it was Causey that came up big in the bottom half, knocking a two-run double to right center field. He followed that up with some savvy base running. After Wesley Jones grounded out to short and checked the runners back, Luis Castro hung out in between second and third, eventually sliding back safely into second. While the Voyagers were occupied with him, Causey made a break home and made it 11-8.

Despite a blown save two nights ago, Anthony Sanders gave Alec Crawford another shot Sunday night. He gave up one run on a sacrifice fly, but closed the game for a 11-9 final.

It was the Rockies 36th win on the season, which matches their win total from last year, and they still have 18 games left in the season.

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