GJ Rockies release 2013 schedule

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO)-- The Grand Junction Rockies will start their 2013 season with the same team that ended their run in 2012: the Ogden Raptors.

The Rockies released their 2013 schedule on Monday and, as always, it entails 76 games in a span of 81 days.

The good news? This year the Rox get to start their season in front of a supportive home crowd.

Opening day is scheduled for Thursday, June 20 against the Ogden Raptors at Suplizio Field. Season tickets are also on sale right now.

Grand Junction will also host a fireworks game on Sept. 1 for Labor Day Weekend.

Below is the entire 2013 schedule:

Thurs. June 20, vs. Ogden (7:05pm)
Fri. June 2L, vs. Ogden (7:05pm)
Sat. June 22, @ Orem
Sun. June 23, @ Orem
Mon. June 24, @ Orem
Tues. June 25, @ Orem
Weds. June 25, @ Ogden
Thurs. June 27, @ Ogden
Fri. June 28, vs. Orem (7:05pm)
Sat. June 29,vs. Orem (7:05pm)
Sun. June 30, vs. Orem (4:00pm)
Mon. July 1, vs. Orem (7:05pm)
Tues. July 2, vs. Ogden (7:05pm)
Weds. July 3, vs. Ogden (7:05pm)
Thurs. July 4, @ ldaho Falls
Fri. July 5, @ ldaho Falls
Sat. July 6, @ ldaho Falls
Sun. July 7, @ ldaho Falls
Mon. July 8, OFF
Tues. July 9, vs. Billings (7:05pm)
Weds. July 10, vs. Billings (7:05pm)
Thurs. July 11, vs. Billings (7:05pm)
Fri. Juty 12, vs. Billings (7:05pm)
Sat. July 13, vs. Great Falls (7:05pm)
Sun. July 14, vs. Great Falls (4:00pm)
Mon. July 15, vs. Great Falls (7:05pm)
Tues. July 16, OFF (MLB All-Star Game)
Weds. July 17, @ Billings
Thurs. July 18, @ Billings
Fri. July 19, @ Billings
Sat. July 20, @ Great Falls
Sun. July 21, @ Great Falls
Iv,lon. July 22, @ Great Falls
Tues. July 23, @ Great Falls
Weds. July 24, OFF
Thurs. July 25, vs. ldaho Falls (7:05pm)
Fri. July 26,vs.ldaho Falls (7:05pm)
Sat. July 27 , vs.ldaho Falls (7:05pm)
Sun. July 28, vs. ldaho Falls (4r00pm)
Mon. July 29, @ Ogden
Tues. July 30, @ Ogden
Weds. July 31, @ Ogden
Thurs. Aug. 1, @ Ogden
Fri. Aug.2, @ Orem
Sat. Aug.3, @ Orem
Sun. Aug.4, vs, Orem (4:00pm)
Mon. Aug. 5, vs. Orem (7:05p)
Tues. Aug. 6, vs.Orem (7:05pm)
Weds. A,ug.7, vs. Orem (7:05pm)
Thurs. Aug.8, vs. ldaho Falls (7:05pm)
Fri. Aug.9, vs. ldaho Falls (7:05pm)
Sat. Aug. 10, vs. ldaho Falls (7:05pm)
Sun. Aug, 111, vs. ldaho Falls (4:00pm)
Mon. Aug. 12, OFF
Tues. Aug. 13, @ Missoula
Weds. Aug. 14 @ Missoula
Thurs. Aug. 15, @ Missoula
Fri. Aug. 16, @ Missoula
Sat. Aug. 17, @ Helena
Sun. Aug. 18, @ Helena
Mon. Aug. 19, @ Helena
Tues. Aug. 20, OFF
Weds. Aug. 21, vs. Missoula (7:05pm)
Thurs. Aug.22, vs. Missoula (7:05pm)
Fri. Aug. 23, vs. Missoula (7:05pm)
Sat. Aug. 24,vs, Helena (7:05pm)
Sun. Aug. 25, vs. Helena (4:00pm)
Mon. Aug. 26, vs. Helena (7:05pm)
Tues. Aug.27,vs. Helena (7:05pm
Weds. Aug.28, @ ldaho Falls
Thurs. Aug.29, @ ldaho Falls
Fri. Aug. 30, @ ldaho Falls
Sat. Aug. 31, @ ldaho Falls
Sun. Sept. 1, vs. Ogden (6:30pm) FW
Mon. Sept. 2, vs. Ogden (7:05pm)
Tues. Sept. 3, vs. Ogden (7:05pm)
Weds. Sept.4, vs.Ogden (7:05pm)
Thurs. Sept,5, @ Orem
Fri. Sept.6, @ Orem
Sat.Sept.7, @ Ogden
Sun. Sept.8, @ Ogden

Game times: Mon. - Sat. (7:05pm), Sunday (4:00pm)
Exception: Sunday, September 1, (6:30pm) Fireworks Game

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