Gene Taylor's player checks 'State Champs' off his list

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO)-- Before he entered his college years, Palisade-graduate Kameron Pfaff wanted the priviledge of calling himself a member of a State Championship team; now he can.

Gene Taylor's won the Legion A Baseball State Championship for Colorado on Sunday.

"It's cool to get the Western Slope back on the map," Pfaff said on Tuesday.

"As people know in Palisade, [the Bulldogs] didn't get respect [from CHSAA]. We didn't get to host [a district playoff] after we had a good season," Pfaff says. "So now it shows that the Western Slope can play ball."

Taylor's travels to California for the Western Region Tournament. Their first game is Thursday against Lakewood, Calif.

The Regional consists of eight total teams.

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