HS Football: (1) Montrose falls to (3) Pine Creek in state championship

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The (1) Montrose Indians posted one of their best seasons in the last two decades, but they couldn't catch a break against the (3) Pine Creek Eagles for the state title.

The Indians were attacked on both sides of the ball. They trailed 14-7 in the second quarter with an opportunity to tie it up after Angelo Youngren snagged an interception, but Pine Creek was quick to repay the favor.

It was the story of the day. Montrose couldn't catch a break as they turned the ball over four times, three of those coming from interceptions.

At halftime, the Eagles were up 21-7, and coming into the second half only meant more damage to Montrose's pride.

In the end, the Montrose Indians fell 49-14, but Coach Casebier was happy to see how far his team had come.

"I'm proud of our guys," he said. "I've been proud of them all year. They battled today, but we just didn't play as good as we should have, but Pine Creek had a lot to do with that so it's disappointing but we'll circle the wagons and I'm proud of our guys."

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