HS Football: Grand Junction Tigers focus on building defense

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On Saturday the Grand Junction Tigers came home for the first time this season after going 3-0 on the road. Unfortunately that home field advantage wouldn't be enough to bring them past sixth-ranked Ralston Valley.

The two ranked teams played in one of the most competitive battles representing both sides of Colorado. It was a back and forth affair with each team having their shot at the lead through the first half but unfortunately Ralston got ahead in the second and the Tigers couldn't keep up.

Through it all Grand Junction came away seeing what it'll take this season to be the best and they know there's still room for improvement.

"At the end of the day, the key to defense is you've got to tackle," said head coach Robbie Owens. "It doesn't matter what your scheme is if guys aren't tackling. And we had some breakdowns in the secondary and we gave them a lot of big plays, and we didn't stop them, so we had to try to keep up with them offensively, and our special teams hurt us with the same issues, and so they just outscored us."

Grand Junction will play in one final non-conference game this Friday night at Stocker Stadium against Mountain Range.

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