HS Volleyball: Fruita tops Grand Junction in five-set match

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) The reigning SWL champion Fruita Monument Wildcats entered into their first league match opposite their local rival Grand Junction.

The Tigers finished 0-10 in the conference in 2012, but this season they have shown everyone a new side. Against the Wildcats, they put out quite the game.

It would take 31 points to grab the first set, but the Tigers were able to pull forward and hang on for the long haul of that one. After a quick regroup, Fruita Monument pulled into their own.

In the second set they'd have their breakaway moments, but even after taking a seven-point lead the Tigers would come back into it. It wouldn't be until the latter half the the real breakaway would occur. Fruita added five unanswered points and took the set with a missed serve freebie to tie the match.

The next two sets were split between both teams. Though Grand Junction pulled ahead early in the third, Fruita Monument ended with control as the Tigers were forced to get scrappy on the court.

But in the fourth it was a different story. For the first time all night, the Tigers did not give up the lead. Though the Wildcats were able to tie it, they could never surpass.

The rivalry ended the way it should - five sets of great play. In the end, the home team Wildcats had the last laugh, defeating Junction 15-9 in the fifth set.

Jordan Eatwell put out a solid performance all-around. She added 15 kills, 22 digs, 2 blocks, and 12 serving points.

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