Off-roading provides unique way to mix sport and hobby

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. There's a fine line between sport and hobby, and as the cold weather clears, many are hitting the trails for hiking, biking, running, and much more. But sometimes, the best places can only be explored when going off the trail in an off-roading adventure.

For some, it's an extreme sport and all about the competition. For others, it's purely a hobby, but either way off-roading throughout the Western Slope provides a unique challenge and plenty of entertainment.

"It's what drew me to this part of the state," said Chad Barney, Barney Brothers Off-Road.

Thousands flock to Western Colorado to get out and explore the outdoors, driving through and over sand, snow boulders, riverbeds and much more. While off-road racing can prove too much for some, the chance for an adrenaline rush rarely does.

"I've never got into the sport type of it, but I just like the enjoyment of it, getting out," said Ronnie Cottrell, an off-roading enthusiast.

The popularity of outdoor recreation has continued to grow, becoming a go-to activity for many families.

"We try to spend as much time as we can whether it's a hobby or a sport," said Barney.

But when facing challenging terrain, remember safety in numbers is always key.

"We usually try to do it in a group so you're not out here by yourself," said Cottrell.

And in the end, for many, getting out to enjoy the outdoors is worth the risk.

"There's a lot of trails, a lot of backcountry that you can explore," said Barney.

"[It's nice] just see the different scenery," said Cottrell. "Here you can see through the canyons and stuff, different wildlife, even up in the mountains you can still do the same thing."

So next time you're needing something to do, try thinking outside the box.

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