Rifle's Moeller helping to ease coach's worries

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO)-- With a dynamic, explosive play-maker like Ryan Moeller on your team, many wonder how Rifle's head coach Damon Wells can still worry about his team's chances to win a game.

However, Wells has never been one to overlook an upcoming opponent, especially in the playoffs.

His team's performance this year - a perfect 12-0 record - and Moeller's unyielding style of play is starting to help calm Wells' nerves.

"We recognize everyone's plan is to stop him," said Wells about Moeller, "and I've wondered 'This is probably going to be the week that [Moeller] won't be able to produce because the law of physics is going to take over.'

"However, Ryan has continued to excel ... and to me one of the most beautiful parts about Ryan and his performance is it seems the bigger the stage ... the bigger he's come up in those games."

For that reason, Wells continued, he's stopped worrying.

The top-seeded Bears play fifth seed, Pueblo East in Pueblo on Saturday.

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