Zac Lemon hired as head football coach for Eaton, steps down at Hotchkiss

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HOTCHKISS, Colo. Zac Lemon has been hired as the new head football coach of 2A's Eaton High School after coaching Hotchkiss the last seven seasons.

Under Coach Lemon the Hotchkiss Bulldogs have had quite the successful run. They have made the playoffs the past six years, making it into the semifinals three times straight.

While he'll miss what he's leaving behind, Lemon is confident the team will continue down the road to success.

"It was a great, great, great experience," he said. "I love the community, I love the staff of people that I work with but especially the kids. I just enjoy the kids every year - athletes, students, everybody. It was a wonderful student body that I'm going to miss that I'm really thankful for."

Hotchkiss has not yet announced for who will take over as the head coach.

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