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Mobilize Your Board to Raise More Money

Event Dates and Times

10/19/2015 - Starts: 9:00 AM - Ends: 4:00 PM
Montrose, CO
Mobilize Your Board to Raise More Money is a training designed for staff whose board members aren’t raising all the money they can- or any at all. In this workshop, he’ll discuss the reasons why and outline strategies to turn things around. You’ll leave with several practical, specific ideas for increasing board involvement and effectiveness.
Erin Adair-Guy, Education Coordinator
Community Resource Center
(303) 623-1540 ext. 100

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Navigating the IRS Website

Event Dates and Times

2/23/2015 - Starts: 6:00 PM
Central Library
This class will show you where to find the tax forms and instructions you need on the IRS website, IRS.gov. This year, the IRS is not providing libraries with printed copies of instructions for Forms 1040, 1040A, and 1040EZ. If you need those instructions, you can download them from the IRS website. This class, “Navigating the IRS Website,” will help you find them online. Please preregister for this class on the Event Calendar at mesacountylibraries.org or by calling 243-4442.
Bob kretschman
(970) 683-2437

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“5 Ways to Unlock Your Magic Money Secret”

Event Dates and Times

4/5/2014 - Starts: 2:00 PM - Ends: 3:30 PM
Holiday Inn ,2751 Cross Roads Blvd, Grand Junction
Some of us never seem to get ahead of our finances. We work hard, making good decisions and doing the right thing and still can’t reach that comfort level we need. If this relates to your life, you may be sabotaging your own prosperity without knowing it. This is the year to make a change, start fresh, and enjoy the financial security you long for.
Dana Stovern is a Spiritual Coach who can help you discover how to manifest your desires. She gives you the tools to find hidden issues with old money patterns.
Kathie Fingerson 970-639-0819