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LIVE UPDATES: Trump Hails U.K. Vote to Exit EU

The result puts the EU into uncharted political and economic territory with far-reaching implications.

2 Killed, Dozens of Homes Burn in Growing Calif. Wildfire

Fire officials confirm two people were killed in a wildfire that broke out Thursday and exploded in size, consuming at least 50 homes in California.

'Complete Chaos': 14 Killed in West Virginia Flooding

Historic flooding in West Virginia has caused dangerous floodwaters that have killed at least 14 people and left thousands without power.

Va. Court Tells School To Give Transgender Teen Bathroom Access

A federal judge on Thursday ordered a rural Virginia school board to let a transgender student use the boys' bathroom, as he wished.

Pope Could Anger Turkey by Using 'Genocide' Again

Pope Francis broke a century-old taboo in Armenia hours after landing in its capital Yerevan for a three-day visit in the country.