KKCO-GJ Rockies: Club ready for Opening Night

With the MLB draft completed earlier this week, it is time for lower minor league baseball teams to get their seasons into full swing out on the diamond. The Grand Junction Rockies will get their campaign underway tomorrow night.

KKCO - Christmas village is tradition for 91-year-old Fruita man

An elderly Fruita man doesn't let his age keep him from celebrating and decorating for the Christmas holiday.

KKCO-HS Wrestling: Warrior Classic Day One

Highlights and results from day one of the 41st annual Warrior Classic.

KKCO-Dozens of Schools Donate to Salvation Army

KKCO-Dozens of Schools Donate to Salvation Army

KKCO-Intellitec College Offers Free Haircuts

KKCO-Intellitec College Offers Free Haircuts

KKCO - Weather Forecast 12/15/2017

Weather Forecaster Karaline Ann has your Friday 12/15/2017 and weekend weather forecast.

KKCO-Wine Country Inn Expanding

KKCO-Wine Country Inn Expanding


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California's wildfire now bigger than New York City

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500 people aboard 2 Royal Caribbean cruises fell sick

Symptoms were reported by more than 500 people aboard two cruise ships operated by Royal Caribbean in the last month.

Meet America's first all-LGBTQ city council

Palm Springs, California, is now being represented by the nation's first entirely LGBTQ city council.

Alyssa Milano's activism started way before #MeToo and Doug Jones

For Alyssa Milano, fighting for what she believes in started with a kiss — on "The Phil Donahue Show." The actress discusses activism and her passion for politics.

Key features of the Republicans' final tax bill

Grad students keep an important benefit and a tweak was made to the child tax credit, but an expert says the largest benefits still go to the richest Americans.