KKCO - Mo Pitney Takes the Stage

MO PITNEY WAS THE SECOND PERFORMER OF THE DAY-- he tells me his favorite part about festivals- YOU country jam fans. he doesn't care where he is he just likes playing music for his fans.

KKCO - Christmas village is tradition for 91-year-old Fruita man

An elderly Fruita man doesn't let his age keep him from celebrating and decorating for the Christmas holiday.

KKCO-HS Wrestling: Warrior Classic Day One

Highlights and results from day one of the 41st annual Warrior Classic.

KKCO-Dozens of Schools Donate to Salvation Army

KKCO-Dozens of Schools Donate to Salvation Army

KKCO-Intellitec College Offers Free Haircuts

KKCO-Intellitec College Offers Free Haircuts

KKCO - Weather Forecast 12/15/2017

Weather Forecaster Karaline Ann has your Friday 12/15/2017 and weekend weather forecast.

KKCO-Wine Country Inn Expanding

KKCO-Wine Country Inn Expanding


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